Headphones A Guide to Buying

Choosing the Right Headphones

The Right Headphones
The Right Headphones

Nothing gives a music lover more freedom than having a good set of headphones. These allow the user to connect to emotions and feelings without upsetting the outside world. What makes a good headphone is the features you look for when making your decision.

Headphones are different from earbuds as they encompass the ear completely. They are made to be worn outside of the ear but before you have images of 70’s style “cans”, let’s look at how far these have come in the past few years.

Open or Closed

Headphones come in really in two styles. Open and closed. each has a benefit and a negative. It really is what you are looking for that makes the final choice.

Open headphones are open at the back. This allows a more natural sound with music and allows the wearer to still interact with people around them. If someone calls your name you can hear that person but remember that they can also hear what you are listening to as well.

Closed headphones are sealed at the back. These create your own listening studio where outside noises can get in. Some wearers feel that this “sanitizes” the sound. You won’t be able to hear outside noises such as someone trying to get your attention and, as we have all experienced, you are likely to yell any response simply because of the way your ear works with your voice.

Your Use

What you are going to use your headphone for is a major factor in deciding which model to go for. if you are looking for something only during commuting then a good pair will do. if it is while you work out then you need to take a close look at the materials the headphones are made with.

Leather earpads and strap are the preferred material for a good set of headphones. It’s not because it is finer quality than other materials but it helps with the sound believe it or not. These are great for the office or long flights but for exercise, they can get a bit warm as they tend to really seal against the skin. Leather tends to accentuate the bass more.

Fabric and other material are best for working out. It allows for breathing around the ear so you don’t feel as warm. Especially on the top band.

Sound Without Distraction
Sound Without Distraction


Today the features of a good pair of headphones are to connect you with the outside world. Bluetooth and wifi allow you to connect wirelessly to your mobile or tablet. Most modern headphones also connect to your phone and have a mic for your conversations.

Battery time is important and the charging method. Most sets will have a standby time of 200-300 hours with use time of between 6-10 hours. Charging is by USB so no need for dedicated charging units. This makes it easy for when you are about the town.

Sound Quality

Sound quality really does depend on two factors. The first is cost. Higher end headphones tend to have more development done on research. The work done on acoustics for the headphones brings all the basics of material, frequency and volume together for the best possible sound.

The second is a personal choice. if you are primarily using your headphones for audio books or light jazz you will look for a different sound than someone who listens to heavy metal. Your personal preference should always be the first consideration when buying a good set of headphones.