Choosing A Watch in the Digital Age

Choosing a watch

As a society, we are becoming increasingly more dependent on technology. Watches are no exception; first with the introduction of digital watches and, more recently, with the innovation of smartwatches that have so many different functions and that some people simply wouldn’t be without. And yet despite all these advances, when choosing a watch, the traditional mechanical watch is still a hugely popular choice with men all over the world. A classically styled timepiece is an intricate work of art and something that is truly a joy to look at.

In the business world, a classic timepiece in combination with a well-tailored suit is the perfect combination that works together and really sets the right image. And classic watches don’t look out of place with a more casual, dressed down look either, in short, choosing a classic watch simply works with everything and in any situation. They are no less popular in this more digital age than they have ever been. As long as there are people out there in the public eye still wearing them, and there certainly are – everyone from presidents to film stars, then well-designed and engineered watches look set to stay.

Choosing Right Watch for you

When it comes to choosing a watch, there are a number of things that you might want to consider, and the first of these is choosing a watch with the type of movement that you would prefer. Today, the majority or watch movements are not only manufactured but are also designed in either Japan or Switzerland. With a long legacy in the watchmaking industry, the attention to detail and precision that goes into both types of watch movement offers a quality that is very sought after.

The main difference between the two types of movement is simple. Swiss movements are usually more aesthetic in their design, whereas Japanese movements are all about the precision and accuracy – that isn’t to say that Swiss movements don’t have those features; they certainly do. Both movements are used in a variety of different watches all over the world and are popular watch choices with watchmakers and watch collectors alike.

The fundamental purpose of both types of movement is essentially the same, so it really does depend on what you are looking for. The Swiss movement is designed to be looked at and can form an integral part of the design of the watch, while the Japanese movements have a “rawer” look to them that might be considered less aesthetically appealing to some people. A good quality movement, whether Swiss or Japanese, will, with the proper care, last a lifetime or longer.

Style it Right

As with any other accessory, choosing a watch to fit with your lifestyle and style of clothing can be a very important consideration. Traditional mechanical watches are not just for smart wear with suits for your day to day office style they also serve a number of other functions as well and taking the time to consider these is an essential part of purchasing a new watch.
A dress watch is arguably the most elegant of watches. It has one vital function, and that is to tell the time. It should be a simplistic watch without any unnecessary functions or fuss. It should have clean, elegant lines and classic face with a simple leather strap. This is the watch that is subtle, understated and elegant. A good quality dress watch is something that will last you for many years and give excellent service.

A more casual mechanical watch may well have a few more features to it. The face may well be bigger and the strap a little wider. With more and more offices adopting a more dressed down attitude to office wear this may well be the watch you wear on a day to day basis. It will go well with a more casual style of garment and can be dressed down with jeans and a shirt for a comfortable evening look.

Diving watches are an essential investment for anyone who dives. These are a watch with an obvious purpose behind the design, and that is to provide accurate and illuminated time as well as a way of measuring depth and all while being able to handle the pressure of being at great depths under water. Even if you don’t dive but are looking to choose a watch with an altogether sportier feel to it, then this is definitely the type of watch that you should be looking at.

The digital age might be well and truly upon us, but the elegance and classic design of a mechanical watch still has its place in the heart of any watch enthusiast.