Cashmere Sweaters A Mans Guide

Cashmere Sweaters Guide Every man should have cashmere sweaters in his closet ready for the world. They are the pinnacle of material and provide much more than just a statement of wealth. Cashmere sweaters are flexible with mood and surroundings that they never look out of place. What is Cashmere   Cashmere wool is found on the underbelly … Read moreCashmere Sweaters A Mans Guide

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Headphones A Guide to Buying

Choosing the Right Headphones Nothing gives a music lover more freedom than having a good set of headphones. These allow the user to connect to emotions and feelings without upsetting the outside world. What makes a good headphone is the features you look for when making your decision. Headphones are different from earbuds as they encompass the … Read moreHeadphones A Guide to Buying

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Shaving Brushes – What Makes The Best Shaving Brush

Badger Brushes

Shaving brushes have been used for hundreds of years. Their shape might not have changed but the materials used certainly has. What your shaving brush is made of counts towards the shave you get. Shaving Brush Hair Types Badger Badger’s hair is the most popular natural hair for a shaving brush. The hair of a badger … Read moreShaving Brushes – What Makes The Best Shaving Brush

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