Bags For Men: A Guide To Leather Bags

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Men's Leather Bags

Men’s Leather Bags

The bag you carry is integral to your overall attire. It’s an important part of the impression you make on others and also has to fit in with the image and style you’ve envisioned for yourself. This is why it’s important for every man to carry a bag that is stylish, elegant and conveys a sense of maturity and classiness. In this article, we break down the three major types of bags that are in trend at the moment and have to offer everything from design and functionality to comfort.

The Briefcase

Leather Briefcase

Leather Briefcase

Briefcases have always been a sign of assertiveness, professionalism and masculinity. But if your idea of briefcases is just the 90’s versions you’re used to – stress no more! A new version of briefcases is on the trend. It’s less boxy, it’s slimmer, and it’s sleeker. In short, it is a sexier take on the conventional briefcase. It’s in tune with the latest trends but also happens to be connected to its roots. As for functionality, a briefcase has enough to carry everything from a handful of papers to a laptop. Demure, professional and functional at the same time. A perfect combo! Briefcases are a perfect choice for any working man who wants to adopt a sophisticated attire to the office every day and is looking to serve a sexy, stylish demeanour to the people around.  

Satchel Bag

Leather Postal Bags

Leather Postal Bags

You’ve seen them get carried by models on the ramp. You’ve seen them laying at the most high-end fashion stores. Satchel Bags are a fashion statement that also incorporates functionality that is unrivalled by any other bag type. With the multiple pockets, the intelligent design, and the strategically planned room that satchel bags have to offer – they’re your ideal partner to carry everything from your data cable to your earphones, your iPad or your laptop. Not only are satchel bags extremely practical, but they also look stylish paired with any outfit, and will only serve to elevate whatever attire you’ve adopted for the day. If you want to look trendy and stylish while also keeping all your stuff organized – Satchel bags are the way to go. 

Shoulder Bag

Leather Shoulder Bag

Leather Shoulder Bag

Be it a college student, a high school student or a working man – shoulder bags are the essential casual item you need to be carrying in order to keep all your stuff organized. Shoulder bags are functionality incarnate. They’re not just convenient and light to carry, but also offer abundant room for you to be messy and carry everything as small as a USB to something as large as a laptop. If you’re thinking that shoulder bags only come in tacky schoolboy designs that are not suitable to your personal preference – were about to expand your horizons. Shoulder bags can come in a variety of different styles that are modern, sophisticated and classy. This, paired with the unmatched functionality they have to offer, shoulder bags are the ideal partner you need to have accompany you every day! 

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